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Imaging Lunch

The Imaging seminars take place Mondays 12:05-1:05 PM in WEB 3760. See the SCI calendar for the agendas and subscribe to mailing list below.

Archived agendas are available for previous presentations.

For scheduling and help with subscribing to the mailing list please contact Wei Liu (

Imaging Mailing List

HOW TO SUBSCRIBE OR UNSUBSCRIBE YOURSELF: Send an email to Where the subject of the email is the following:

 subscribe imaging

You will get an email confirmation shortly after.

Courses of Interest

The following courses may be of interest to students studying medical imaging.

Spring 2012

Past: Fall 2011

Conferences and Journals

Please see Upcoming Conferences for details.


Installation of Imaging Software

CompOnc Project

Working Environment and Software Development Tips

NCR Toolset

Research update

Progress Report

Imaging Faculty Internal